Monday, February 28, 2011

Story 25 (Step 6)

"Story 25", Acrylic On Canvas, 122cm x 122cm, Year: 2011.

Today I completed the top right-hand images - streets, coffeeshop, red-colour car (as you can see, the front-seat passenger is looking at me; most of the time, people do that... Guess I do look weird - reading while walking...), two people crossing the traffic road and so on.  Meanwhile, I also did another self-portrait (side-profile) on the top left - looking at the book shelves.  Yah! Now I remember - yesterday I also did few portraits on the extreme left below: they are some Chinese charectors, like "Ah Q", three brothers from the novel of "Home, Spring, Autumn", and "Kong Yi Ji (孔乙己)".

After painting everything, my wife said she loved the traffic scene. :-)

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