Friday, November 23, 2007


"The Kiss of Judas", Oil on Canvas, 66 cm x 66cm, 2000,(Singapore Art Museum Collection)

Recently I had a chance to go to my second brother’s house again, and I didn’t know why, but just wanted to stay outside the corridor - looking at the area close to the door and another area nearby the staircase.

I recalled... and I spoke to my second brother and his lovely son (my nephew), “Can’t you all remember? I used to stay in this house for about two years? That was the hardest time in my life... and I spent a lot of time doing my paintings in these two areas.” While I was saying this, my eyes turned wet! Yes, that was the hardest time! Many people looked down on me; many people were afraid of me at that time... As I was too poor, some people were even afraid that if they got close to me, I might eventually borrow money from them... Of course I never did. Ha! I only had one meal per day then. (Don’t misunderstand. God never made me poor; I was poor because I backslided totally; and I was at a turning point, about to return to God.)

“Remember or not? Most of the paintings that I painted outside these two areas finally became museum permanent collection!” I said. “Almost all?” my brother asked. “Yes, almost all!” I smiled.

Thanks be to my God! He was with me all the time, even in my lowest state in life...!

Thursday, November 15, 2007



靖婷图 - 吃糖,细墨笔和黑蜡笔,二〇〇七年。(这画有趣的一点是靖婷正坐着吃糖,可见其咀部正动着...)


Monday, November 12, 2007

More than 70 pieces sold...

Praise the Lord! Recently one art collector bought more than 70 pieces of my artworks, but I don't think I can display here, as there are too many of them - 5 watercolour paintings, 58 drawings and the rest are acrylic and oil paintings.
I would like to give thanks to my Heavenly Father again - for His love, care and unearned-, undeserved- and unmerited-favour on me!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Unshown Works...

So far I haven't got a chance to exhibit these three pieces of works...therefore now shown here!

(1) "Self-Portrait",Oil On Canvas, 2006

The one above is "Self-portrait", also the first piece from "Pipe & Container" series. The top hole is the one and only way of recieving blessing from God; the next hole which is below the top hole, is a mouth- speak out, sprak good words! Another two holes which are below the mouth, are hands- Give!

(2) Dialogue, Oil On Canvas, 2006

The second piece is to show "Christian Fellowship". As you can see, every single pipe/container has different form and shape, showing that every christian is unique and special, yet they communicate with one another.

(3) Flow, Oil On Canvas, 2006

In the third work, the over all image looks like a cross. The top hole shows all blessings only come from heaven, and the three round-shaped containers, which are below the top hole( from left to right ),show that God's blessings will benefit our spirit, soul and body.When we are blessed by God, we will also eventually bless other people, as shown by water flowing from the few long pipes.