Friday, December 18, 2009

Story 8

"Story 8", Acrylic & Ink On Canvas, 102cm x 122cm, 2009.

I can't live without imagination... It has become part of my life since young.
Sometimes when I turn on the imagination mode of thinking, I tend to put God aside, because if I put God in my imagination and let him become part of the picture, I feel somehow limited in my day-dreaming and fantasy. Therefore, as you can see in this whole painting, there is no image of God shown.

Recently, I keep imagining that I am an alien-killer (the right-hand side soldier with green uniform). Sometimes it can take me quite a while to think about what kind of weapon I am carrying, any water bottle hanging by my side, how much army food I have and how many army friends to go for so-called 'alien' war with me, and so on...

I also used to imagine that I was the best basketball-player during my school days (shown on the left side of the painting), with a lot of fans supporting me while I was playing...; but in reality, I could not play basketball then and was even afraid to play with my classmates, as they might scold me if I could not handle the ball well (many of them were school-team players)...

Two years ago, I was thinking that I was a 'living-dead'-killer (shown on the left-top area), mainly because at that time I often watched the movies - “28 days later”, “28 weeks later” and some other 'living-dead' shows...” These wild fantasy thoughts seem to leave God out of the picture... I feel a sense of emptiness...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Story 7

"Story 7", Mixed Media On Canvas, 102cm x 122cm, Year: 2009.

Since primary school days, I started to work at my mum's office...

I had to be there after school because firstly, I needed to take care my brother during his school (near the office) recess time: to make sure he had enough food to eat and water to drink; Secondly, I had to help my mum do some printing for her clients' orders. Besides, I also needed to help collect money from other companies... But I guess the main reason that I had to do all these things was that – since I would not be doing any school work at home after school, my mum insisted I had to stay in her office...

Yes, the whole painting shows that though I had been a good boy who helped my mum do this and that (acting like an angel), eventually I still needed Christ to save me...

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Story 6

During my secondary school days, especially in secondary 4, my complexion was terribly bad, filled with pimples all over. No matter how hard I tried to wash my face (hoping to clear the pimples), they remained
and sometimes even grew more. I was down and depressed at that time.
My school English teacher was very mean then - he always insulted me and even gave me a nickname - “sky filled with stars!” I could also sensed my classmates and other students from different classes always seemed to be afraid of my outlook.
Finally, I decided to leave school because I could not stand it anymore. I mentioned to my mother and one of my school teachers that I wanted to quit school. Of course both of them disagreed with me, so in the end everything went back to 'square one'.
The English teacher continued to 'abuse' me with bad comments, and sometimes I even thought of pointing a knife at him to warn him not to do that to me again, but it was only a thought..! Anyway, my final year in the secondary school was the most terrible year!
Two years ago, I happened to meet one of my secondary school teachers in the MRT. We had a chat and he incidentally mentioned that the English teacher might have already died of cancer.
Hearing this, I pondered and could not help feeling sad for him, despite the unhappy memories he left in my mind all these years...

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Story 5

"Story 5", Acrylic & Marker On Canvas, 102cm x 122cm, Year: 2009.

12 years ago I worked at one of the entertainment companies in Singapore.

I had worked as an artist and was working very hard to try to proof to my boss and people who were surrounded me that I was capable. Of course my effort was not in vain because I had my promotion very fast! From then on I began to use money to get what I wanted and what I needed. Deep in my heart I found that money was everything at that time, eg: money could bring me friends, could let me go on holiday, could let me eat and drink , could buy people... ( As you can see in the middle of the painting- my hand was holding a hammer with a word “power” on it, that represented money & high post.) All these thoughts came because many “friends”, some “family member” and “relatives” always looked down on me, kept saying things like - I did not have money, “no money, no face”... things like that, therefore I wanted to show to people that I could use money to control many things...and also at that time I had left God, stopped going to church...
In the end, I felt empty...
And I knew that Jesus was very sad...(The side-view of Jesus is also shown in the middle of the painting.)

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Fat Boy 12-605

"Fat Boy 12-605", Year: 2009.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


“故事三”,92cm x 76.5cm,混合媒介,2009年。


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pink 00173

"Pink 00173", Year: 2009.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


“故事二”, 混合媒介, 102cm x 92cm, 2009年




Monday, August 03, 2009


“故事一”,混合媒介,102cm x 92cm,二〇〇九年。







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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inside & Outside

"Inside & Outside", 102cm x 102cm, marker on canvas, year: 2009.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water #02

"Water #02", 92cm x 102cm, marker on canvas, year: 2009.

Recently I discover that the only way I can cast my cares to God is: I don’t have to look at the past, and I don’t have to look to the future. In fact I should look at “now” - God is with me now, every second, every minute.

That means, if I talk to you now, I will not think of other things, like: what is going to happen one hour later after meeting, because I believe that all authority (highest into the heavens and deepest into the earth) is already in God hands; or when I am having my lunch, I make sure I enjoy my lunch and never think of how my next month’s sale will perform, because God says He is my shepherd, I shall not lack; similarly, when I go for holiday, I don’t need to think about the mistake I had made yesterday and its possible bad consequences, because God says He puts me under grace, not under law, so grace will take care of everything, and I can rest in God “now”, not “future”.

Therefore, even if I had sinned yesterday and might have put myself into big trouble, I must believe what God says - when sin abounds, grace will super abound and rescue me out from great trouble. So I can rest in God “now”, not “future” - not after the trouble has been solved. If I have a good time with my family, I also don’t need to think of what bad thing the “enemy” may want to do behind me, because God says - if my enemy comes from one way, God will make them flee in seven ways! I can indeed rest in God’s presence now.

I realize when I practise this – living in the “now” moment, my heart will enter the rest easily, and I can be care-less, and smile!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bad Time

"Bad Time", ink & marker on A3 paper, year: 2009.

Open Heart

"Open Heart", ink & marker on A3 paper, year: 2009.


"Fellowship", ink & marker on A3 paper, year: 2009.


"Enjoyment", ink & marker on A3 size paper, year: 2009.

The Deep

"The Deep", 76cm x 102cm, marker on canvas, year: 2009.

There is nothing wrong to be sad or sorrowful because it is part of our life.
But some people tend to avoid sorrowful people, as they prefer to spend time having meals and partying with happy people???
Of course I agree that a sorrowful person’s life and words may affect other people’s lives and emotions, sometimes even health… but don’t you think that a happy person’s spirit and words can also change a sorrowful person’s spirit, life and emotions from sadness to happiness too???


"Key", ink & marker on A3 paper, year: 2009.


"Water", ink & marker on A3 paper, year: 2009. (Private Collection)

Thank God for some helpful Christian friends who are so willing to lead those who are lost completely!

Like me, in year 1990, I was thinking of ending my life as I got into great trouble. Fortunately, one of my Christian classmates (showing great testimony in his character), led me to God and finally I got saved in Christ. Right now, whenever I look at this completed art work - “Water”, it somehow recalls of my classmate - a set-free Christian who has living water flowing from his chest and brings faith, love and hope to troubled people...


"Free", ink & marker on A3 size paper, year: 2009.

In The Rock, I Rest #02

"In The Rock, I Rest#02", ink & marker on A3 size paper, year 2009.