Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pipes & Containers

My art usually has a Christian message. This is because I want to share with people my journey of faith, and how God has blessed me with His love and care all these years, since my conversion to Christianity 15 years ago.

I do not have a fixed style in my art as I do not feel the need for it. Rather, expressing God’s love, mercy, righteousness and glory in my painting is my primary concern.

I love story-telling and using imagery in my art, and I believe they are God-given abilities ingrained in me. In each of my art series, the style that I choose is usually derived by the sensitivity and emotions I experience during the period of making.

This series of abstract works shows manipulation of imagery with an element of play. Inspired by imaginary plumbing pipes and containers, I associate to channels of communion between God and man, and among people, flowing with God’s blessings such as: grace, love, wisdom, peace, prosperity... Each container represents the storage of God’s blessings within every believer, while the pipes are positioned as conduits to facilitate sharing of God’s word, fellowshipping and showing care, in turn blessing other people. Every word or action in love bears the witness of God that seeks to establish harmony and bonding within the community, and beyond...

Conversations In Christ, 2006, Oil On Canvas, 60cm x 60cm

Close Fellowship, 2006, Oil On Canvas, 60cm x 60cm (Private Collection)

Communication, 2006, Oil On Canvas, 60cm x 60cm