Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Hold-on", Year:2007, Oil On Canvas(Private Collection)

Many people like my observation works. I suppose they enjoy looking at the techniques! Some people even encourage me to do more observational painting... In fact, I love to do observational painting, but right now I have a problem, that is - nobody wants or can find time to be my model (even when I am willing to pay them by hour). For example, few months ago, I tried to fix time with my nephew during his school holidays and decided to pay him $10 per hour, but finally he had to go to school almost everyday for CCA… So what could I do? Another example was: a friend whom I had painted before also rejected my offer… Maybe I can look for a full-time model who poses for an art school, but I do not know them at all! (Also, if I do not know a person well, I cannot paint him/her well!) Recently I am thinking: Shall I paint from photo??? Since nobody can find time to let me paint “live” model, I might as well ask my friends/relatives to only pose for me few minutes first, then I take photos of them and paint back home? Any suggestions?
The painting “Hold-on” was completed early last year. This friend model studies at NTU, and I can still remember I spent around 15 hours to do this painting. In the painting, the girl’s hand is holding a TV controller, paying a lot of attention on the television programme… It seems as if her conversation over the phone has been disrupted as the television programme is too attractive- this is how the “Hold-on” title comes about! It can be related to our Christian walk with God - sometimes our communication with God is also “side-tracked” halfway…!

Friday, June 20, 2008



我跟太太住在Bali的White Rose Hotel。沿路走出去便可看见二〇〇二年的爆炸事件所遗留下来的建筑残骸(见下图)。Jana告知我们当年旅游业蒙受的打击直接影响了他的生活,很多人都过得苦不堪言!即便是到了今天,还是有一些人还没有完全的度过困境-就如我跟太太参观了一间木雕Studio兼展览厅,一名资深的木雕家告诉我们旅客大量的减少促成了木刻作品存货很多,无奈只能打六折便宜卖出。



“Dono”是一名年仅十岁的小画家(见下图)。他连同一群大小画家坐在走廊边示范边工作着。他的一幅画勾起了我的兴趣,最终以二十美金成交。临走时他还向我讲了一句:“Thank you!”而我则回了他一句:“Welcome!”



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Clear Sky

"The Clear Sky", Oil On Canvas, Year: 2004(Private Collection)

Recently, I have found a secret to live a worry-free life…

The Bible mentions that in all the problems that we face (no matter how terrible they are), as long as we know that God loves us and believe we are more than conquerors in Christ, we shall overcome!

Four years ago when I painted “The Clear Sky”, in fact deep in my heart, I knew I did not have victory in my Christian life at times... I believe that was the reason why I painted an unhappy woman at the right side, and on the left side painted the same woman carrying weights (the two weights represent Moses’ two tablets of Ten Commandments given by God). She seemed to be struggling with the weights (as if trying to keep God’s laws to make herself righteous), but could not hold them for long as the weights were heavy (representing impossibility for man to keep the Laws). She ended up unhappy instead, worried and could not enjoy her life because she was using her self-effort to please God. Happy, victorious Christian life (the cloud-portrait on top) seemed so far, out of her reach…

Thursday, June 05, 2008









Sunday, June 01, 2008

Eyes Down

"Eyes Down", Acrylic & Ink On Canvas, 91.5cm x 91.5cm, 2007(Private Collection)

I admit that, though I am a Christian, I have often set my eyes looking at the environment and things that happen around me rather than on God. The painting above is entitled, “Eyes-Down” to describe the tendency to look at worldly things below instead of looking up to God.

I may seem to encourage people (especially my wife) to seek God always, but sometimes I am not aware that in fact, deep in my heart, I have depended on the worldly pattern of thinking and logic! Recently I tend to be quite concerned of death, because my relative has just passed on. I look at myself and think - I am already 41 years old, so when is my time to go to heaven? Perhaps this concern is also due to my dad passing away at 42 years old… Fortunately God knows the thoughts I have and is willing to show me that death for Christian is like an entrance to the heaven, and only God’s Word has the final authority, not doctors’. Therefore I slowly set my faith on my Lord Jesus Christ again. Praise God!

The painting shows children with down-cast eyes. No doubt manna (food provided by God) is all around them, but they just cannot see or choose not to look at God’s providence...