Monday, January 26, 2009

痛苦的画(Works On Depression)

直至今日,这病还没有断根。最近一名医生告诉我说:“Mr Wong,我相信你已经药物上瘾了!尽量减少药量吧!”

In year 1992, I was diagnosed with anxiety panic attack – a kind of depression.
From then on, I began my long journey on medication…
Until this day, the symptoms still persist. Recently, a doctor told me, “Mr Wong, I believe you must be ‘hooked on drugs’ already! Try cutting down dosage please!”
“…but I can’t do without medication! If I don’t take medication, I can’t work! And who will support me if I don’t work?” I thought to myself.


These three works on “Depression” thus evolved from dealing with this ailment bondage:


“Depression #01” shows a pale grey question mark ‘?’ in the middle of the painting – as if posing queries about how I ever got into this sickness. At the same time, I use a twisted body to express the suffering caused by it. The medicine capsules are also seen spilling around…
There, in the midst, shows a sprouting shoot – symbolizing the meagre amount of trust in God, but also believing this little faith to grow eventually.



“Depression #02” shows a crossroad, mirroring my dilemmas of not knowing which direction to take often times – should I continue to depend on drugs? Or intervene through prayers? Or depend on certain exercises to overcome? What about “urine treatment”?



“Depression #03” exaggerates the twists and turns of the body, preceding the first two works. Three arrows appear in the painting – sideways (eastwards and westwards), and downwards (southwards) – suggesting I must have used “human” methods to deal with my struggles too often. (There is no upwards/northwards arrow – perhaps hinting rarely applying “God’s” methods in solving problems?)



P.S. : Depression #01 and #03 include a small cream container for skin problems – revealing the fact that besides depression, I am also affected by eczema (skin sensitivity) at times!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Worry or Trust

I admit that I have been a person who always worries a lot! Sometimes it is like a merry-go-round – non-stop! Worry that this thing may end up badly…; and after worrying about this thing, I will begin to worry whether another thing may get worse or not in future… At the end of the day, I discover that worry doesn’t make sense! Worry shows that I never put my trust in God, and even worse - worry may also even make things worse!

Ok! Since worry cannot help me solve my problem, then what’s the point of worrying? Might as well believe in God positively (because it will end up making me happy!)! Just simply believe that God will help me handle my every problem, right? Trusting God is a positive act, and eventually it will produce a peaceful heart and care less! No matter what the outcome of my problem may be, I am acceptable and favoured in God’s eyes as His righteous son redeemed by the blood of Jesus; and the worldly opinions simply do not matter anymore, compared to God’s (my Heavenly Father’s) great love for me… Amen!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Today (2nd January 2009), I sold out 4 pieces of my paintings, even before my exhibition started! God is good all the time! He knows my thoughts, even those deep in my heart! He always puts me at the right place at the right time! I had just delivered my paintings to the gallery today, and after settling down everything, out of the blue one of my clients appeared, and decided to buy 4 paintings from me! Wow! What a good start for the new year 2009!

I believe God’s blessings will continue to follow me all of my life…