Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Cat

"Black Cat", Ink On Paper, Year: 1999. ( Private Collection )

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grey Cat

Ink On Paper, Year: 1999. (Private Collection)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Story 11

"Story 11", Acrylic On Canvas, 76cm x 76cm, Year: 2010.(Private Collection)

Few years ago, I wanted to deal with my stress problem as I often could not sleep well and easily got anxious. Therefore I went for counseling in church and finally decided to practice praying in the spirit – “praying in tongue”. After praying in tongue for a couple of days, I began to realize that every night I could fall into sleep with a peaceful and happy heart. Most importantly, I did not have to struggle or force myself to go into sleep anymore...

Deep sleep is God's blessing! Thanks be to God!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Be Happy

"Be Happy", Mixed Media On Canvas, 112cm x 122cm, Year: 2009.

God's comforting words of “... Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14: 27) always reminds my heart to be child-like – simply trusting and receiving from Him, regardless of what situation I am in... Only then will I be happy and stay happy, knowing that God will always be with me and overcome all circumstances in victory...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had an experience to use AK-47 for firing at Cuchi Tunnel during my Ho Chi Minh trip. However, the moment I reached the firing point, I was disappointed that many things (I wished I could do before I pulled the trigger) had been handled on my behalf. Firstly I never had the chance to hold or touch the real bullets after I had bought them; Secondly I also could not put any (10 in total) of the real bullets into the magazine; Thirdly, I also had no chance to cork the weapon... All these things were handled by a soldier who attended and stood next to me, and all I could do was just to aim and pull the trigger...

I did not fully enjoy the firing! Yes, on the other hand I also know the reason why they would not allow me to do many things by myself - I guess mainly was to make sure no mistakes were made before or after the firing - especially for people like me who do not know anything about AK-47 weapon... They surely need to take some safety precautions. Anyway, thanks for their concern.

When I got back to Singapore, sometimes when I recall the experience, I know deep in my heart that I love AK-47 a lot, especially the cool outlook! (The above picture was taken by my wife, who was so afraid while taking photo for me, as she said the firing sound was very loud!) By the way, do I look cool in the picture? )

Few weeks later, I was amazed to come across an AK-47 toy weapon in a toy shop, and of course I had to buy and keep it as one of my toys collection! He! He!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Story 9

"Story 9", Acrylic & Ink On Canvas, 122cm x 122cm, Year 2009.(Private Collection)

I can still remember earlier in year 1991, I first showed interest in bible (maybe it was because my best friend had done a lot of sharing with me about Jesus Christ), and I even bought my first bible from the bible house.
When I first read it, I found difficulty understanding most of the stories written in the bible... (it was after I became a Christian that I began to realize it was all because I did not believe in Jesus at that time, therefore I could not understand why Jesus could perform miracles, heal people, walk on the sea...). Only until I believed in Jesus, that everything written in the bible became real, true, alive and made sense! Amazingly, at the moment I believed Jesus and accepted him as my personal saviour, I felt somehow somewhere a perfect peace appeared deep in my heart, proving to me that I was already being saved, and had also become the son of God.
The above painting shows that all my sinful acts and behaviours (past, present and future) have been covered by Jesus blood, and God would not comdemn me and my lawless deeds anymore, because all my sins' punishments have already been put into Jesus' account.
Thank you, God!