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90% Joy!

"90% Joy!", Acrylic & Ink On Canvas, Year: 2007

Most of the time, I personally find that in my own walk with God, it is sometimes quite challenging to live a total 100% victorious life. At times I may find that, after dealing with one problem, I thought I shall have no worries anymore; but sooner or later, another problem will appear, which causes me anxiety again, so I end up not being able to enjoy 100% joyful life...

As seen in the picture, 90% joy and restful life is represented by the big pink man sitting comfortably on a chair, with a child-like smile; on the other hand, another 10% (shown in the small back-facing black and white figure scratching his head) is about struggling between faith and fear...

Saturday, July 05, 2008


"Free", Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2008(Private Collection)

This painting was developed after the work "Fly Free" (as seen below). I chose a bigger canvas to show a larger, more spacious sky to put in more people flying in the sky. The grey portion below are not buildings; in fact, they represent wells protruding into the sky (they actually also look like factory chimneys...; it is good to let viewer interpret in various ways though).

The painting shows if people in faith can be simple as children, they can be free and "fly" beyond their trapped situations (represented as the wells).

Fly Free

"Fly Free", Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2007.

While I was doing this painting, I was in a very complicated mood, as I had some unhappiness with my freelance job matters and wanted to quit at that time... I can still remember while I was still workng on the child-head of this painting, I told myself I must do it nicely because I might quit that job and have to depend on my painting sales only. But praise the Lord! Eventually the matter was resolved, and I even got a better pay! Surprisingly, the smile on the child-head was so happy and cute, totally unexpected...