Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Making of "Vibrant Youth" (Part 2)

At this stage, the buildings had had their first coating, but still needed a lot of details...

All the buildings were painted with reference to photos taken from URA, as well as going to their actual sites to make more observations. It had been a time-consuming yet rewarding journey...
The large figure at the bottom right was modelled after my second sister-in-law... Figures of different scales were distributed through out the painting, and much smaller ones in the distant, in order to create a deeper sense of space...

The man in yellow shirt, at the bottom of painting, was at first facing downwards; but I had changed it to facing upwards, to exhibit more liveliness. The model's face was actually painted according to my younger brother's features.

In the process of painting the buildings, I came to a greater appreciation of the architects' painstaking efforts and their wonderful designs... Each building was different and unique, indeed a pleasurable painting experience for me!

Finally, the painting was completed after four months. It is now being displayed at the new Library beside Bras Basah Complex, 10th level.

The sky-flyers represent our vibrant youth soaring confidently and courageously in the showers of light, beaming with hope and possibilities. As they are the future pillars of Singapore, they are open to endless opportunities laid before them. Each individual is encouraged to fulfil his dreams and potential in every way, and continue to contribute to the stability and prosperity of our young nation. The buildings in the vast green landscape are thus significant testimonies of our achievements. Whether living, working or playing, we abound in creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The artwork aims at shaping the vibrant image of our youth who champion personal development, value teamwork and support, and possess an indefatigably positive outlook in life.

The Making of "Vibrant Youth" (Part 1)

I started with stretching the canvas (6ftx12ft), followed by drawing in the composition.

Using Rembrandt oil paints, I began painting the figure most appealing to me. The model was actually my brother-in-Christ.

This shows a figure-study of a girl.

I filled in bright red for her dress... She was actually my niece... This pose was taken when she was lying on the sofa.

Using Manganese Blue Phthalo mixed with Titanium White for the sky...I felt bright and uplifted almost instantly.

Next, I continued painting my nephew on the left; His flying pose reminded one of Superman.

The sky had been painted in a layer of blue oil paint...followed by adding of clouds...

The buildings in the background were also filled with a coat of underpainting...the most challenging part had been to make sure the buildings were drawn in relation to the two-point perspective technique. I put in a lot of effort to get them right.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thank you, Doctor Yong!

For over a decade, I used to live in Yishun with my mother, grandmother and two brothers, and till recently have frequented a clinic downstairs, owned by my family doctor-Doctor Yong. He is not only a good doctor, but has also been an excellent counsellor and friend to me all these years. He always encourages me whenever I feel troubled, giving me advice on how to overcome obstacles in life...
Even though I got married and moved to the west in 2002, I still visit Doctor Yong when I am unwell, and get medicine from him. However, recently I have decided to try consulting another doctor nearby, as it has been quite time-consuming to travel between the west and Yishun. This new doctor's treatment has been satisfactory so far... Nevertheless, I would like to express my gratitude to Doctor Yong for his care all these years, and hope that he may get to see this blogpost dedicated to him one day...
"Thank you, Doctor Yong!"