Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Making of "Vibrant Youth" (Part 1)

I started with stretching the canvas (6ftx12ft), followed by drawing in the composition.

Using Rembrandt oil paints, I began painting the figure most appealing to me. The model was actually my brother-in-Christ.

This shows a figure-study of a girl.

I filled in bright red for her dress... She was actually my niece... This pose was taken when she was lying on the sofa.

Using Manganese Blue Phthalo mixed with Titanium White for the sky...I felt bright and uplifted almost instantly.

Next, I continued painting my nephew on the left; His flying pose reminded one of Superman.

The sky had been painted in a layer of blue oil paint...followed by adding of clouds...

The buildings in the background were also filled with a coat of underpainting...the most challenging part had been to make sure the buildings were drawn in relation to the two-point perspective technique. I put in a lot of effort to get them right.

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Chow Ngian said...

Hi Shih Yaw
I find this page interesting, didn't expect the painting to be so huge. I noticed you paint one subject at a time instead of sketching the whole composition first. Any advantage of painting this way?

In your first picture, I saw a coloured drawing. Did you do this on a computer first?