Monday, May 28, 2007


Living Things, 2004 (Private Collection)

Why keep?
Keeping will make you restless!
Keeping will make you frustrated!
Keeping will also make you stressed!
Keeping can make you look like a frog that lives in the well - always no time to see the wonderful sky.(Even the sky seems like a round shape from inside the well!)
Keeping can also keep you looking at your "roommates"!(You will subjectively think that your "roommates" are people who are unfriendly and bad...)
Sometimes your "roommates" may leave you,(They do move out, with or without your permission...) but sometimes new people will move in!(Then you feel heavy again!)

Forgiving your "roommates" can chase away all your "roommates"!
Eventually, you will smile!

(Note: "roommates" here are referred in the negative sense; of course, "roommates" that we keep in our hearts and minds can also be those who mean a lot to us in the positive sense...)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

“In The Right Place, At The Right Time”

Few days ago, I went to visit some toy shops near Chinatown. I was very fortunate to have found a toy car, made in year 1960 in China, and bought it at a very cheap price. After buying the toy car, I thought of ‘showing off’ to my friend Mr K who runs a gallery in South Bridge Road (of course he has helped me sell many of my artworks too).

When I reached the gallery, Mr K looked happy and asked me to go to the attic (where many of my artworks, among others, are stored) immediately, because a couple showed a lot of interest in my artworks. So I went up (no chance to show off my toy) to meet them… I had few words with them, and eventually they decided to buy one of my dear paintings. Wow! That was marvellous! Everything seemed so simple and easy - It must be God helping me! No doubt! He always leads me to the right place, at the right time!

Another blessing happened to me earlier this year, very similar to the above case. I was having a group exhibition together with other six artists at the same gallery mentioned above. On the second day of the exhibition, one of my NAFA school-mate came to visit. I was very happy to see her because we had not met each other since year 1987. However, I was also very tired and hungry then, as I had waken up very early in the morning to settle a few things… So in the end, I just had a few words with her, and asked the gallery owner to help me accompany her… I really needed a break to have my lunch, that was all!

So I left the gallery, had a good lunch, and a good break… it took me about an hour. After a satisfied meal, I walked slowly back to the gallery. Before I reached the gallery, I was thinking to myself that my friend must have left already, but the moment I opened the gallery door, I saw her still there, and was standing in front of one of my paintings! When she saw me, she asked me to do a bit of explanation about the work. Eventually, she decided to buy it. Haha! So… what can I say? Right Place at the Right Time, isn’t it? This is my Heavenly Father’s doing; He is a good God! He loves me all the time, just as He loves Jesus! And always willing to bless me!

Just imagine: If I had never bought that toy, I would certainly not have gone to the gallery; If I had never gone, I could have missed that couple; If I missed them, they might not have wanted to buy my work (as they told me - if they never met me, they could have bought another artist’s work.); Similarly, if I had gone to the gallery few minutes later, I might not have chance to talk to my classmate, and I also found out later that she was about to leave the gallery… Hehe! It is all about God! Amen!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Favourite Photos

How should I label my series of favourite photos shown below? Will "The Anxious Bridegroom" be appropriate?
Haha! The bridegroom is actually my younger brother...He was anxious at thatmoment when one of the bride's following cars had left him without noticing him!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Dream : Story-Making (2)

Sealed Warriors

"Sealed Warriors" was another idea that I had last year. I wanted to show a group of christian characters having fellowship with God, serving God and facing fierce challenges from the evil one.
In the story, there would be six or seven characters, all of them brave and strong. Everyone owned a sword which represented God's Word. I had even planned to have their right hands imprinted with the seal of a cross - as an identity of "Sealed Warriors"! Ha! So far, my idea has birthed forth only a few sketches though. More to come...
Note: I am thinking - if there are christians who do cartooning, it would be great to come together to publish our works! But so far, not many christian artists, whom I know, can do cartooning; or even if they can do, they are not so interested, or just too busy...Let's hope we can fulfil this dream someday...