Monday, May 28, 2007


Living Things, 2004 (Private Collection)

Why keep?
Keeping will make you restless!
Keeping will make you frustrated!
Keeping will also make you stressed!
Keeping can make you look like a frog that lives in the well - always no time to see the wonderful sky.(Even the sky seems like a round shape from inside the well!)
Keeping can also keep you looking at your "roommates"!(You will subjectively think that your "roommates" are people who are unfriendly and bad...)
Sometimes your "roommates" may leave you,(They do move out, with or without your permission...) but sometimes new people will move in!(Then you feel heavy again!)

Forgiving your "roommates" can chase away all your "roommates"!
Eventually, you will smile!

(Note: "roommates" here are referred in the negative sense; of course, "roommates" that we keep in our hearts and minds can also be those who mean a lot to us in the positive sense...)

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