Monday, April 25, 2011

Cartoon Course 2 Part 2 - Dear Man Walking

 (1) Delilah: "Wooooo! What a long night tonight!"

(2) Delilah: "I think it is good to have some wet and cold sensation."

(3) Delilah: "Ha! How nice!"

(4) The sound of the shower sprinkle: "Shaaahk!"

 (5) The sound of blood-dripping: "Tic-tic-tic..."

 (6) Door opening sound: "Eik..."

 (7) The sound of foot-steps: "Kik kok..."

(8) Door knob: "Clack!"

 (9) The sound of the shower sprinkle: "Shaaahk!"

(10) Romeo: "Er..."
             The sound of the shower sprinkle: "Sha..."

(11) Romeo: "Grr..."

(12) Delilah: "Who's that?"

(13) Romeo: "Romeo..."

 (14) Delilah: "Orh..."

(15) Delilah: "This thing may help!"

 (16) Romeo: "Grrr... Grrr..."

 (17) Romeo: "Grr..."

 (18) Delilah: "Don't come closer..."

 (19) The sound of pulling curtain: "Clac... Clac..."

 (20) Romeo: "Meat..."

 (21) Delilah: "No!"

 (22) Romeo: "Ooh!"

 (23) Romeo: "Ooooooh!"

 (24) Romeo: "Oh! No..."

 (25) Delilah: "What happened to him?"

(26) Skin burning sound: "Tsitsitsi..."

 (27) Romeo: "What's going on?"

 (28) Romeo: "Wow! I feel good!"

 (29) Romeo: "Hi! Miss!"

(30) Delilah: "Sir, now you look..."

 (31) Delilah: "...different!"

 (32) Creepy sound: "Kulu... Kulu..."

 (33) Creepy sound: "Kulu... Kulu..."

 (34) Creepy sound: "Kulu... Pula..."

(35) Delilah: "Hee..."

 (36) Romeo: "Lady, I am Romeo!"

 (37) Delilah: "Hi, I am Delilah!"

 (38) Silence...

 (39) *Both characters walk in slow motion.

 (40) Romeo: "Want to look cool like me? Try this!"
*Both characters walk in slow motion.

(41) A man voice speaks: "Try Alive shower gel; it will make your deadly body turn alive!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1 (Step 4)

"Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1", Acrylic On Canvas, 122cm x 122cm, Year: 2011.

I have slowed down a lot...  Hahaha! Have been too busy doing my illustrations and course works.

I have added in a staircase located towards the entrance of the school.  I used to always challenge this long staircase rear steep slope (I estimated the staircase had around 30 steps, and beside it was a long steep slope.) - moving downward, trying not to use my hand to hold on to the railing.  Fortunately, nothing had happened to me.

So far, I am quite happy with my overall colour scheme - the atmosphere looks rather old, cold and humid...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1 (Step 3)

"Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1", 122cm x122cm, Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2011.

Now I painted classroom number 10 (as you can see the number on the top-left area).  So-called the "haunted" classroom in school (most likely a rumour) - during my school days, many students talked about it especially in the later days when the school never used the room anymore, only to store left-over tables and chairs.  It happened once that I heard some panting sound coming from that classroom but no one in there...  Hahaha!  But now, as I recall, it might probably be a dog in there???  Who knows?

At the same time I have also painted myself being disciplined by the school principal (at the top-right area).  Hmmm... what a day!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Caricatures: Babydoll & Sweet Pea

Hahaha! Recently watched the movie "Sucker Punch" two times(first time I watched it on my own; second time I watched with my wife).  I still would love to watch it again in future because I think the entire show is so great and creates a lot of "fantasy" sensation!

"Babydoll", Ink & Marker On A4 Paper, Year: 2011.

"Sweet Pea", Ink & Marker On A4 Paper, Year: 2011.

One of my friends was asking me why I have not created another blog mainly for my cartoons, storyboards and caricatures.  He commented that my present blog might seem quite messy if I put everything together in one blog...  Aaaaaaaaaah.....!!!!!  I don't know, maybe not at this moment?  Hahaha! :-)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1 (Step 2)

"Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1", 122cm x 122cm, Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2011.

My school had also been my playground in many different areas. Most of the time we played hide-and-seek after school (as seen in the centre of the painting), because it brought a lot of excitement back in my primary school days!

I am quite happy with the figures that I have created: they do not look realistic, but strong in character! :-)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Reply to visitor Andy,

My next exhibition will be in May 2011, at ION orchard. It is a group exhibition organized by Utterly Art, and I will be exhibiting three pieces of my paintings - They are: "Story" series no: 24, 25 and 26.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1 (Step 1)

"Time & Space - Sweet Memory 1", 122cm x 122cm, Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2011.

I have decided to stop "My Story" series - Hahaha! This decision had been made few days ago (no matter if it would be a right or bad decision; who knows, I may continue in future...).

This time I try to present my primary school by using different spaces - firstly, as you can see, I am trying to create my principal's room, wanting to make it look old and as if in ruins.

Note: My primary school was closed one year after I was promoted to the secondary school.