Saturday, April 09, 2011

Caricatures: Babydoll & Sweet Pea

Hahaha! Recently watched the movie "Sucker Punch" two times(first time I watched it on my own; second time I watched with my wife).  I still would love to watch it again in future because I think the entire show is so great and creates a lot of "fantasy" sensation!

"Babydoll", Ink & Marker On A4 Paper, Year: 2011.

"Sweet Pea", Ink & Marker On A4 Paper, Year: 2011.

One of my friends was asking me why I have not created another blog mainly for my cartoons, storyboards and caricatures.  He commented that my present blog might seem quite messy if I put everything together in one blog...  Aaaaaaaaaah.....!!!!!  I don't know, maybe not at this moment?  Hahaha! :-)

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