Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Dream : Story-Making

Many people thought I am only a fine artist, but in fact I do a lot of cartoon drawings and illustrations as well.
Since first year in NAFA, I began to create a series of cartoon drawings on "Shadow", and they were published on newspapers( Ha! I was earning some pocket money then).
It was my dream to create a long-story cartoon also, ha! However, it did not come through easily...I always wondered:"Was being busy a good excuse?" Finally, I managed to complete one story, entitled:"The Food For Tree". Till now, I dare not show to many people, because the content is quite negative-it is very much to do with the nature's revenge to man's abuse to the environment( Ha! Can you see the words that I used for this story were actually cut-and-paste?).

The Food For Tree, 1997-98

In another story: "Him story", I was actually trying to show a true story of a rebellious teenager and how he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. However, I was too busy to complete it...In fact, I would love to do this time!

Him Story, 2006.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My illustration ( Part 2 )

0781, 2007.

Wonderful Life, 2007.

Great Joy, 2007.

My illustration ( Part 1 )

Faces, 2007
"God can turn water into wine".
"God can turn sorrow into joy".

Warrior, 2007.

The Happy Party, 2007