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New Vampire

"New Vampire", Acrylic On Canvas, 101cm x 86cm, Year:1996.(Collection Of Singapore Art Museum)

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

谈画(Art Talk)


To me, victory in Christian living lies in resting in the “finished work” of God’s salvation grace. Whether facing the challenge of sickness, or the idle words of people around us, if we can rest in Christ, I believe all problems will resolve in a matter of time!

“Careless 1”,Ink On Paper,Year:2009. (Private Collection)

在作品”Care-less 1”里,可见周围的青蛙冒出的黑烟代表着闲言闲语,定罪和毁谤的话(青蛙代表着不认识神的人)。面对这种问题唯有以一颗孩童般的信心来面对上帝便能得着心灵上的释放。

In the work “Care-less 1”, the gloomy smoke emerging from the frogs signifies gossip, judgmental words and blasphemy (frogs representing people who do not know God). The best way to face this situation is to have child-like faith to find relief in God.

“Careless 2",Ink On Paper, Year:2009, Price: S $580 (With framing)

作品”Care-less 2”里的内容与“Careless 1”相仿,只是呈现的图像不同。青蛙都躲在型似井又尤如烟筒的底层,黑烟由烟筒顶端冒出,孩童却不受其干扰而专心的仰望上帝。

The content in “Care-less 2” is similar to “Care-less 1”, differing only in image presentation. The frogs here are hiding at the base deep inside a cylindrical form (suggesting a well or chimney), where black smoke flows from; the child, on the other hand, is undisturbed and focused on God.

"Care-less 3“,Ink On Paper,Year:2009, Price: S $580(With Framing)

作品”Care-less 3”有一名身受顽疾所苦的人正以child like faith来面对自身的问题,并且相信痊愈是迟早的问题。

The work “Care-less 3” shows a sickness-bound person having child-like faith, believing healing to come sooner or later.
"Care-more 2", Ink On Paper, Year: 2008, Price: S $580(With framing)

作品”Care-more 2”里的人头马身(马意味着人靠着自身的力量和意志力做事)可比作人在面对问题时不愿安息在神里而选择用自己的力量来解决问题,至终便会无路可走且心灵和体力上也会疲劳不堪。

In the work “Care-more 2”, the “man-horse” (horse suggesting using self-effort and will to do work) can be seen as man not resting in God, but choosing to use own efforts to solve problems. This very often results in facing a dead-end, and causing fatigue to both body and soul.