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Story 6

During my secondary school days, especially in secondary 4, my complexion was terribly bad, filled with pimples all over. No matter how hard I tried to wash my face (hoping to clear the pimples), they remained
and sometimes even grew more. I was down and depressed at that time.
My school English teacher was very mean then - he always insulted me and even gave me a nickname - “sky filled with stars!” I could also sensed my classmates and other students from different classes always seemed to be afraid of my outlook.
Finally, I decided to leave school because I could not stand it anymore. I mentioned to my mother and one of my school teachers that I wanted to quit school. Of course both of them disagreed with me, so in the end everything went back to 'square one'.
The English teacher continued to 'abuse' me with bad comments, and sometimes I even thought of pointing a knife at him to warn him not to do that to me again, but it was only a thought..! Anyway, my final year in the secondary school was the most terrible year!
Two years ago, I happened to meet one of my secondary school teachers in the MRT. We had a chat and he incidentally mentioned that the English teacher might have already died of cancer.
Hearing this, I pondered and could not help feeling sad for him, despite the unhappy memories he left in my mind all these years...

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Story 5

"Story 5", Acrylic & Marker On Canvas, 102cm x 122cm, Year: 2009.

12 years ago I worked at one of the entertainment companies in Singapore.

I had worked as an artist and was working very hard to try to proof to my boss and people who were surrounded me that I was capable. Of course my effort was not in vain because I had my promotion very fast! From then on I began to use money to get what I wanted and what I needed. Deep in my heart I found that money was everything at that time, eg: money could bring me friends, could let me go on holiday, could let me eat and drink , could buy people... ( As you can see in the middle of the painting- my hand was holding a hammer with a word “power” on it, that represented money & high post.) All these thoughts came because many “friends”, some “family member” and “relatives” always looked down on me, kept saying things like - I did not have money, “no money, no face”... things like that, therefore I wanted to show to people that I could use money to control many things...and also at that time I had left God, stopped going to church...
In the end, I felt empty...
And I knew that Jesus was very sad...(The side-view of Jesus is also shown in the middle of the painting.)