Thursday, October 08, 2009

Story 5

"Story 5", Acrylic & Marker On Canvas, 102cm x 122cm, Year: 2009.

12 years ago I worked at one of the entertainment companies in Singapore.

I had worked as an artist and was working very hard to try to proof to my boss and people who were surrounded me that I was capable. Of course my effort was not in vain because I had my promotion very fast! From then on I began to use money to get what I wanted and what I needed. Deep in my heart I found that money was everything at that time, eg: money could bring me friends, could let me go on holiday, could let me eat and drink , could buy people... ( As you can see in the middle of the painting- my hand was holding a hammer with a word “power” on it, that represented money & high post.) All these thoughts came because many “friends”, some “family member” and “relatives” always looked down on me, kept saying things like - I did not have money, “no money, no face”... things like that, therefore I wanted to show to people that I could use money to control many things...and also at that time I had left God, stopped going to church...
In the end, I felt empty...
And I knew that Jesus was very sad...(The side-view of Jesus is also shown in the middle of the painting.)

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