Sunday, January 04, 2009

Worry or Trust

I admit that I have been a person who always worries a lot! Sometimes it is like a merry-go-round – non-stop! Worry that this thing may end up badly…; and after worrying about this thing, I will begin to worry whether another thing may get worse or not in future… At the end of the day, I discover that worry doesn’t make sense! Worry shows that I never put my trust in God, and even worse - worry may also even make things worse!

Ok! Since worry cannot help me solve my problem, then what’s the point of worrying? Might as well believe in God positively (because it will end up making me happy!)! Just simply believe that God will help me handle my every problem, right? Trusting God is a positive act, and eventually it will produce a peaceful heart and care less! No matter what the outcome of my problem may be, I am acceptable and favoured in God’s eyes as His righteous son redeemed by the blood of Jesus; and the worldly opinions simply do not matter anymore, compared to God’s (my Heavenly Father’s) great love for me… Amen!


LI JIE said...

whoa! congrats!
saw the article abt u on the papers! hope u still rmb me! ;)

Wong Shih Yaw, Abraham said...

Of course I can remember you, thank you for your support!