Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water #02

"Water #02", 92cm x 102cm, marker on canvas, year: 2009.

Recently I discover that the only way I can cast my cares to God is: I don’t have to look at the past, and I don’t have to look to the future. In fact I should look at “now” - God is with me now, every second, every minute.

That means, if I talk to you now, I will not think of other things, like: what is going to happen one hour later after meeting, because I believe that all authority (highest into the heavens and deepest into the earth) is already in God hands; or when I am having my lunch, I make sure I enjoy my lunch and never think of how my next month’s sale will perform, because God says He is my shepherd, I shall not lack; similarly, when I go for holiday, I don’t need to think about the mistake I had made yesterday and its possible bad consequences, because God says He puts me under grace, not under law, so grace will take care of everything, and I can rest in God “now”, not “future”.

Therefore, even if I had sinned yesterday and might have put myself into big trouble, I must believe what God says - when sin abounds, grace will super abound and rescue me out from great trouble. So I can rest in God “now”, not “future” - not after the trouble has been solved. If I have a good time with my family, I also don’t need to think of what bad thing the “enemy” may want to do behind me, because God says - if my enemy comes from one way, God will make them flee in seven ways! I can indeed rest in God’s presence now.

I realize when I practise this – living in the “now” moment, my heart will enter the rest easily, and I can be care-less, and smile!

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