Monday, November 05, 2007

Unshown Works...

So far I haven't got a chance to exhibit these three pieces of works...therefore now shown here!

(1) "Self-Portrait",Oil On Canvas, 2006

The one above is "Self-portrait", also the first piece from "Pipe & Container" series. The top hole is the one and only way of recieving blessing from God; the next hole which is below the top hole, is a mouth- speak out, sprak good words! Another two holes which are below the mouth, are hands- Give!

(2) Dialogue, Oil On Canvas, 2006

The second piece is to show "Christian Fellowship". As you can see, every single pipe/container has different form and shape, showing that every christian is unique and special, yet they communicate with one another.

(3) Flow, Oil On Canvas, 2006

In the third work, the over all image looks like a cross. The top hole shows all blessings only come from heaven, and the three round-shaped containers, which are below the top hole( from left to right ),show that God's blessings will benefit our spirit, soul and body.When we are blessed by God, we will also eventually bless other people, as shown by water flowing from the few long pipes.

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