Friday, November 23, 2007


"The Kiss of Judas", Oil on Canvas, 66 cm x 66cm, 2000,(Singapore Art Museum Collection)

Recently I had a chance to go to my second brother’s house again, and I didn’t know why, but just wanted to stay outside the corridor - looking at the area close to the door and another area nearby the staircase.

I recalled... and I spoke to my second brother and his lovely son (my nephew), “Can’t you all remember? I used to stay in this house for about two years? That was the hardest time in my life... and I spent a lot of time doing my paintings in these two areas.” While I was saying this, my eyes turned wet! Yes, that was the hardest time! Many people looked down on me; many people were afraid of me at that time... As I was too poor, some people were even afraid that if they got close to me, I might eventually borrow money from them... Of course I never did. Ha! I only had one meal per day then. (Don’t misunderstand. God never made me poor; I was poor because I backslided totally; and I was at a turning point, about to return to God.)

“Remember or not? Most of the paintings that I painted outside these two areas finally became museum permanent collection!” I said. “Almost all?” my brother asked. “Yes, almost all!” I smiled.

Thanks be to my God! He was with me all the time, even in my lowest state in life...!

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