Thursday, February 10, 2011

Story 24 (Step 8)

"Story 24", Acrylic On Canvas, 122cm x 92cm, Year: 2011.

Now, I have completed painting the left hand holding the Bible (written in Chinese - "圣经"), which I seldom read recently - maybe the reason for focus on money; and also completed painting all the containers.  I also included some golden coins (details not finished yet) surrounding the "man" (or shall I describe it as - "half-man, half-machine")???

So far so good!  Quite happy with the painting effect of the two hands!

Sad thing is that, today doctor said I have put on weight again! :-(


As Fall Leaves Illustration said...

This turned out GREAT! Good work!

LearningByReading said...

Step 7 was just a cool! Thanks