Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Portrait Of Izel

"The Portrait Of Izel", Wax Pencil, Pencil, Ink & Marker On Paper, Year: 2011.

My 5-year-old beautiful niece is so gentle and quiet, as if like a little lamb.  Her face looks actually like her father (my younger brother), while her fair skin takes after her mother.

I went to her home after manga lesson yesterday, saw her so adorable and decided to sketch her down.  She was so shy because it was her first time modelling for me - as you can see, her hands were holding her father's cell-phone as if playing some army games, but her eyes were not looking at the cell-phone at all... 

My mother was sitting right next to me whilst I was sketching, fortunately she gave good remarks for my sketch...  Hah!

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