Saturday, February 26, 2011

Course Project 2 Part 1 - Storyboard

(1) David: "What a night! I have to rush all these artworks...or else they may not want to pay me..."

(2) David: "So...tired!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

(3) David: "Yee! Where am I now? And what is this place? Makes me feel like I am entering a fairytale land..."

(4) David: "Oh! What is that?"

(5) David: "Wow!!!"

(6) David: "Is this a house? Or a castle? So creepy!"

(7) David: "Wait...let me see..."

(8) David: "I guess here is the main entrance..."

(9) David: "Wow! So many sub-entrances..."

(10) David: "Let me take a look... It looks as if there is something inside..."

(11) David: "Oh no! What is this 'man'!"

(12) David: "Help! Please don't hurt me!"

(13) David: "Help! Somebody!"

(14) David: "Woh! Woh!"

(15) Shero: "Loose him! You son of the bitch!"

(16) Shero: "Hmm! Let you know who I am before you die..."

(17) Shero: "I am Shero!"

(18) Face-out: "Lady! I don't think you can kill me! Hahahahaha!"

(19) Shero: "What the..."

(20) Shero: "You force me to..."

(21) Shero: "Release my power!"

(22) Face-out: "Wah! Not!"

(23) Shero: "You go to hell!"

(24) David: "Wooh... finally...!"

(25) David: "Eh?"

(26) David: "Oh... Where am I now...And what time is it now...?"

(27) David: "Oh dear! No time! Got to rush!"

(28) David: "What is this?"

(29) David: "It seems familiar..."

(30) "Bomb!"

(31) David: "Who is this lady? She seems familiar too..."

David: "Wow! Her voice sounds like a man!!!"

(33) David: "What is this??? Did I owe you something???"

(34) "Hahahaha! Silly ending!"

(Ink And Marker On Papers, Year: 2011.)

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Ammon said...

Really amazing series Abraham.