Friday, February 18, 2011

Story 25 (Step 3)

"Story 25", Acrylic On Canvas, 122cm x 122cm, Year: 2011.

Today I started to paint myself lying on the bed (shown on bottom of the painting), reading novel (I especially love reading detective novels because they bring in a lot of excitement and suspense). As you can see, I input some characters of the novels - such as from “Red Dragon” (the killer whose job is related to the family homevideo and has a dragon tattoo at his back); Maths teacher from “Suspect X” who ends up as a murderer; from “Silence Of The Lamb” where a tough police woman has a muscular arm; and so on... All these images are surrounding me.

Halfway through my painting, my wife commented I must be in a good mood, because the overall colours seem bright and colourful!

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