Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Ten Commandments

"The Ten Commandments", Ink & Acrylic On Canvas, 2004( Singapore Art Museum Permanent Collection)

In year 2005, when the moment I knew Singapore Art Museum decided to buy this artwork with another one (which I did not show here), I was extremely happy because these two artworks (which I personally like very much) had eventually found a good “home”.

“The Ten Commandments” artwork is also the first artwork that I use ink on canvas after fourteen years. (In year 1990, I used ink on canvas for the first time for my “The Boring Picture” series.) During the process, I enjoy seeing the lines overlap one and another, especially when the figures get more and more 3-dimensional, and slowly appear clearly one by one... I also use acrylic paint to paint many “S” alphabets on the “Big Man” body (Alphabet “S” stands for “Sin”, and “S” shape also looks like the shape of the snake.).

Overall, I enjoy the whole concept and the process of making the artwork.

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Suyun said...

This is one piece I like, I like the simplicity of the b&w effect, and the duality meaning behind it, at first glance, one would think that it is the Children's story: Gulliver's travel, yet upon further pondering and observation, one realised the artist's intent and actual meaning. It is great that this is done in ink rather than oil, simple and yet powerful. The line work is great too!