Friday, March 07, 2008


"Happy-Go-Blessing!", Ink, Oil & Acrylic On Canvas, 102cm x 76cm, 2008.

Child-like faith is pleasing to Father-God when one remains in his heart as pure as a child (as seen as an adult-body, child-head figure sitting in the car) towards Him. Christian life begins in rest (as Christ Jesus has finished the redemption work at the cross, reversed curses into blessings and victory, and now seated at the right hand of God in heaven), and sitting represents rest. One of child-like faith must always remain “sitting” (resting) in Christ, yet at the same time working/moving on with life (seen as the figure in the car which is at the same time moving). The pair of hands pushing the car represents God leading the rested one to the way that he should go in life.

How well one can rest leads to how well one can perform. Eventually, someone of child-like faith in God can receive/enjoy great blessings from Him (represented by the presents and white manna falling from heaven), even in gloomy moments (seen as the dark clouds looming in the background).

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