Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Story 12

"Story 12", 76cm x 76cm, Marker & Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2010.(Private Collection)

In the past, there were times when I came to a stage where almost everyone thought I was doomed, or no one wanted to say a single word to me anymore... The only thing that could refresh my heart were the words from a 4-year-old child - Daryl (my nephew).

Many people said that I was a failure, but Daryl would say, “You are good! San Shu (Third uncle)!”

When people thought that I was a nobody and treated me liked crap, Daryl would say, “ I like San Su!” When most of the people regarded me as a useless person, Daryl would always look at me and give me a sweet smile!

All these things happened years ago when I really did not know how to move and live on... This little boy, whom I knew was sent by God, really encouraged me a lot! Of course, I had a great breakthrough eventually...! Thanks to my Father God and Daryl...!

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