Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Durian Man

"Durian Man", Ink On Paper, Year: 1993.(Private Collection)

I hate eating durian since young – because I just cannot stand the heavy smell and muddy flesh!

But in reality, I seem to behave like the “durian” with spikes - I tend to defend myself because many people in this world are not really nice! I could choose to live in my own world and stop interacting with people who may hurt me (often through harsh words); I could also choose to spend my time watching DVDs at home while I am working; I could also choose to walk out of my house to go shopping, or sometimes get some books and read them at a quiet restaurant or inside the train...

Ha! Ha! Of course when teaching time comes, I will talk a lot with my students, and I guess this will help me balance myself for keeping quiet too long; otherwise, I may end up becoming a block of stone instead of a durian...

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