Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Story 10

"Story 10", 76cm x 76cm, Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2009.(Private Collection)

This painting is all about my calling from God.

Before I got to know God, I knew there was a hole in my heart needed to filled. Finally God found me and I started to know that He could really fill my heart and cup full!

In early 90s, I received the calling from God, where He wanted me to use painting to witness him. However at that time, I chose not to follow His will as I was too afraid to live an artist life that seemed unstable...!

Eventually in late 90s, I decided to obey God will because after all these years, I concluded that following God's will would be the only way to lead me to happiness, joy, success and stability.

“My Story”- my 7th solo exhibition had just started last week, and I had already sold out more than half of my paintings... Isn't my Father God good?

Thank you so much, my Abba Father God!

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Ammon said...

He is good.