Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Don't Worry, Sir, Will Increase In Future!"

Years ago, I was very poor. I can still remember there was once when I only left about nine dollars in XXX bank. I could not use ATM card to withdraw my eight dollars (bank account needs at least one dollar in there…), so the only way I could do was to go to the bank counter to withdraw from the bank staff! I was so embarrassed when I showed the staff my bank book - only left that much money in there… I smiled to her (an Indian staff) bitterly and said, “Hah! Hah! No money! Very poor!” When she heard that, she replied: “Don’t worry, Sir, will increase in future!” Wah! What a statement! That encouraged me a lot and really made me feel warm in my heart! A few simple positive words can really lift a person up, man!

Today, I would not say I am a very rich man, but at least I have more than enough for many things! Sometimes when I think back, even now, I can as if still hear her voice saying, “Don’t worry, Sir, will increase in future!”

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