Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The God & the god

"The God & the god", Oil On Canvas, 4ft x 6ft, Year 2001(Private Collection)

Year 2001 was such a busy year for me – house-moving, picking up a new job, wedding preparations, doing illustration and painting!

Painting - “The God & the god” was done in that year. I did it with so many things happening around me and hardly had long hours to do painting for a day! Sometimes I could only spend one hour for it and sometimes I never even touched it for few days! So I eventually took very long time to complete it.

I also was not very sure whether this painting was a good painting or not, so I kept asking my wife-to-be for comments…and she often said to me, “I think you have done a good job!” But I was still unsure after hearing her comments! I kept asking myself, “Why?” Oh! Maybe the whole painting was too dark? Maybe the subject matter was too negative? Or maybe the images were not up to the standard that I expected? Maybe…???

In God’s blessings, I sold this painting few weeks ago. I tried to make a last observation before sending it off to the buyer’s warehouse. Finally, I felt in my heart saying, “I love it! It is nice!”

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