Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time & Space - Sweet Memory 2 (Step 1)

"Time & Space - Sweet Memory 2", 122cm x 122cm, Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2011.

I was beginning to remember things when I was living in Toa Payoh.  My house was a three-room unit facing Guan Qian Cinema then.  My grandmother hired a Singapore nanny to take care of us (4 boys, and I am the third one) because my father, mother and her needed to go to work from early morning till late afternoon/evening.

In my K1 and K2 years, almost everyday I did not look forward to bath time because I was too afraid that the soap and water might enter my eyes, so half-way through the bath I always ended up running out of the toilet - all the way naked, heading for the living room...  When my grandmother came back from work and noticed me, she would cane me badly.

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