Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Child Head, Adult Body

Ha! Ha! Hopefully I can live as illustrated in the above “Child Head, Adult Body” image forever!

Recently, I began to realize what life is about. Hee! The answer is “Being A Happy Person”! That’s all! Right? I remember in my carefree childhood days, I had enjoyed my friends’ company, played with them - catching, fishing, joking… When I went to secondary school, I joined the scouts, went camping with my classmates…etc; later I also joined art club - enjoyed drawing and watercolour painting, copied great masters’ paintings to learn their skills …; I even found pleasure talking to my school teachers.

After my ‘O’ level exams, I went to art school to do my three-year fine art course. I got to know a lot of friends there who had the same target as me – to become a full-time artist. We learnt painting from one another (besides from the lecturers), encouraged those who felt depressed, and ever dreamt of furthering studies overseas together, becoming a ‘somebody’ in future…

After studies, I went to National Service, made friends, talked a lot…; Then working life started from the day I finished NS. I have great joy whenever my Pay Day comes, and occasionally even have the privilege to have lunch with my boss! I also manage to hold painting exhibitions, sell my paintings, and enjoy the fruits of my labour…

On Sundays, I go to church with my wife, and bask in God’s blessings! Amen! When Monday comes, I am recharged and back to my jobs again - enjoy teaching, doing illustrations & paintings; have entertainment such as: watching movie, listening to CDs, travelling… I have even started collecting toys recently to entertain myself. Ha!Ha! But human relationships come first. As years go by, I have also learnt how to love my wife and appreciate her company more and more each day... Eventually I find that in all these things that I do, I am seeking for the one thing – “Happiness!”

However, at times my emotions do go up and down - worry about my future, afraid of not having enough for this and that, worry that I cannot be a good husband…, and end up not having a fully happy Christian life.

Fortunately, God opened my eyes recently and reminded me that I should cast all my cares unto Him, and live a carefree and let-go life. When I received this revelation from God, I began to cast all my problems to Him, and then slowly, I discovered that a lot of problems became “lesser weight”; For some, I even did not see them as problems anymore! Meanwhile, I also realize that as a Christian, I should guard my heart, let it be “child-like”! (child-like + faith = Child-like Faith, which God commends) I believe I can slowly let go of my worries and problems day by day, because God is my faithful Provider for all my needs, just as He provided the “Manna” as food from heaven for His People in Exodus. I can indeed enjoy my daily life and become “A Happy Man”!

Note: All the white round objects in the above illustration represent “Manna”, not snow. Ha!

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