Friday, November 19, 2010

A Blessing In Disguise!


Alarm clock rang, "Wake up! You pig!"

"Must hurry up...I have an important appointment which I can make a lot of $$$!"


"Come-on! Come-on! You old tortoise bus!"

"Ha! Finally...I can make it in time..."

"Hah! What is this, man!"

"I am doomed!"

"Oh! What is this? Must belong to that person who ruined my appointment!"

"Diary? Some people are just too free to write this kind of thing!"

"This must be her name card, and Mary is her name...common name!"

"I think I'd better call her and return her the diary...Ha! Ha! Maybe can ask her to give me a treat!...Why not?"

"Hello! Yes! I am Mary...and what do you mean? got my diary?"

"Here you are, Miss!... And by the way, shall we go for a drink?"

Mary,"Lah! Lah! Hey! Man! I haven't even gotten your name yet???"

"My name is John! Nice to know you!"
Mary, "John!... common name..."


Anonymous said...

your comic's really cool, hope you can make more of those!

As Fall Leaves Illustration said...

I loved this! You should definitely make more :)