Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story 23

"Story 23", Oil On Canvas, 92cm x 92cm, Year: 2010.

Can you imagine receiving a project that cost you to keep doing some things over and over again...? Doing them is not difficult at all, but the hardship is having to re-do the same things frequently, and they seem no ending....

Just like that! Slowly you begin to feel tired and frustrated! Deep down you also feel that you are similar to an old rusty machine - hard to move on and go on...; and you start to put blame on other people around you, yet never seeking for God's help.

All these bad experiences happened to me this year around July for a month. Eventually, I went for church counseling, and amazingly it turned out well!

Of course, by God grace, this project is over, with a happy ending...

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tuan tan said...

Shihyaw, This experience sounds very familiar. Glad to hear that God have answered your prayers and you visualised it into art.