Thursday, May 06, 2010

Story 14

"Story 14", 143cm x 132cm, Acrylic On Canvas, Year: 2010.

I was taking care of my nephew and niece from years 1998 till 2001. It was in the past already but everytime when I think of those days, my tears will drop but my heart will be full of joy! It was the time when I decided to move out of my house and stopped communicating with my grandmother, some relatives and friends; and lived "like a porcupine"... My only joy was to take care of my nephew and niece, such as: waking them up in the early mornings, getting them ready to school, helping them clean up, making milk for them, bringing them to school, disciplining them... Ha!

Of course besides doing all these things, I had also done some paintings right outside their home conridor, and both of them enjoyed looking at my works... Sometimes they even mimicked my drawing and painting gestures! Ha! Ha! my paintings could cheer them up! Sometimes they would give me some comments - nephew always said something positive, such as "very nice" or "beautiful"; whilst my niece would say something negative, like "you paint not nice!"...  (maybe my niece didn't like me much that time, don't know why...??)

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