Monday, March 16, 2009

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary at The Flyer!

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary! We decided to celebrate this big day at The Flyer... However, when we reached City Hall MRT station this afternoon, it began to rain and we expected the views on The Flyer would not be nice. So what could we do? We shifted to Plan B, went to Marina Square to look for a good movie, but we did not like any of the shows... I was feeling quite 'sian' already at that time, and suggested to my wife that we go to Sim Lim Square to source for some digital device...

To cut the story short, we finally went back to Plan A and ended up going to The Flyer arena, just to "look see" how the place was like, to occupy our time. Praise the Lord! When we reached there, the rain gradually reduced to just drizzling, and the sky was clearing... Thank God we finally got onto The Flyer, and we had the whole capsule to ourselves - just the two of us!

As the capsule rose higher and higher, we saw more and more scenery... The views were amazing, and I kept taking photos from different angles. However, when it almost reached the top, I started to fear the heights, and decided to just sit down on the bench... My wife tried to talk to me, to calm me down, but I guess maybe if there were more people in the capsule, I would not be so aware of the heights... Anyway, I managed to call my friend (brother Derek), just to distract my focus. (see photo above, taken by my playful wife who took over my camera...)

This photo above was one of the views my wife took whilst I was stuck to the bench... See the clouds covering the skyscrapers? The sky was still quite gloomy, but the views were quite clear.
At the end of the ride, we went to buy our photo taken by The Flyer staff (before we boarded). I think I looked very "goon" (in dialect)... Thank God we got onto The Flyer today, what a memorable experience for our anniversary!

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