Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Father & Child

"Father & Child #01", Acrylic On Canvas, Year:2007(Private Collection)

One of my friends has commented that this series looks nice, so right here I would like to show them to you all… (show off, ha!)

The reason that made me want to paint this series was that - in my real life experience, I have always felt difficult to know what father’s love is.

So, first of all, I decided to show the father having a close relationship with the child by hugging, while the child enjoys the fatherly love. Hopefully through painting it, I could somehow have a self-discovery about their relationship on both sides.

“Father & Child #01” and “Father & Child #02” both show the cold colour -“blue” background (symbolizing cold, challenging environment); Yet under these “cold” circumstances, love still remains. Therefore I used pink colour to highlight the faces warmed with passion…

"Father & Child #02", Acrylic On Canvas, Year:2007(Private Collection)

"Father & Child #03", Acrylic On Canvas, Year:2007(Private Collection)


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