Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Still Life No.8

Oil on plywood, 30.5cm x 33.5cm, 2000 ( Singapore Art Museum Permanent Collection )

What makes me decide to paint dead fishes?
Because although they are already dead, they still look alive! (especially as their eyes are still open.)
Or maybe at that time I could not find someone who would like to sit for me as a model...so I used fish and fish-head as a replacement! Ha...
And also I like to capture the wet and smooth texture on the fishes!
Ya! One more thing - I love to paint salmon fishhead (painting above: the two black fish-heads with some white colour on the left), because their faces look fierce - like a warrior! (in hokkien, we call it "Jin Jia Sud" - Smart-looking!)

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caterpillar said...

Wow! The fishes are well-painted, look very fresh and ready to eat! "Jia You"...! Hope to see more of your still-life studies. :)