Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pipes & Containers ( Part 2 )

This time, I am using pipes and containers in different shapes and forms to create portraits.

As you can see here, the pipes and containers form up eyes, mouth, ears, nose and others...This is to suggest every christian plays a different part in the body of Christ, forming the "Church".

2006, Ink On Paper, 21cm x 14cm

2006, Oil On Canvas, 60cm x 50cm

In the portrait with red colour background (in fact I never did it on purpose), subconsciously, I achieved a fantastic result: after I completed this painting, I discovered that the overall shape of the portrait looked like a heart shape...that makes the painting look more meaningful!

2006, Oil On Canvas, 60cm x 50cm

I would say all these portrait drawings and paintings are only a preparation for my future "bigger" and "greater" painting, which I want to create a whole figure formed by pipes and containers - "A Complete Body Of Christ".

So just "wait and see, ha!"

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